Amplifier Class-B vs Class-AB

Amplifier Class-B vs Class-AB

I've been to audio forums and most people don't know the distinction between the classes and what are the benefits of each, Class-B could also be referred as Class-AB, but this is misconception, Class-B operates in Class-A for a few milliwatts, while Class-AB does in several watts,suffice to say Class-B aims at less class-a, while Class-AB at more class-a, what is the benefit of class-b, well it comes down to distortion, complimentary transistors in both classes switch at different levels,class-ab switching has more distortion because they're heavy biased in class-a and this causes distortion from class-a to class-b , the other thing of class-ab is less dynamics and punch when in class-a,although in class-a there is less distortion this is arguable in push pull class-a. Now let me mention the benefits of class-b, 1) few milliwatts in class-a this means more efficiency than class-ab, 2) faster switching because of less bias and this means less distortion than class-ab, 3) more dynamic because more current is dumped on the speaker load at all times.

To sum it up,Class-B may be referred as Class-AB because there is very little class-a bias but it isn't Class-AB, it's Class-B,and our opinion is it is better than Class-AB in many ways only few mentioned here.


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